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Cape Dorset played host to and Elders gathering in late August.  The poor weather hampered some outdoor activities, but didn't hamper spirits.

Baffin Regional games were also held in the fall in Cape Dorset.  Youth and adults came from around the north to participate in traditional Inuit games such as, the Alaskan high kick, one-foot high kick, two-foot high kick, kneel jump and head pull.

During the Christmas season community members held feasts and played traditional Inuit games.  A parade of snow machines was driven through the streets of Cape Dorset for the festive season.  

Every Sunday, Junior Rangers, girls and boys ages 12-18, get together to learn drills, play games and emergency survival.  Junior Rangers encourages team work, civic responsibilities and teaches respect.

The community arena houses an ice skating rink in the winter and a pool for the summer.  Teen dances are held weekly at the community hall. Other important functions and feasts are held in the community hall as well.

Cape Dorset is commonly known as the Inuit art capital.  We boast many artists including soapstone carvers and litho print artisans.  Some famous artists from Cape Dorset include Kenojuak Ashevak, Nuna Parr and Pauta Saila.


In late October over 20 beluga whales were caught by Inuit hunters. The community shared the whales and a community feast was held at the local hall.  

Three wolves were spotted at the dump in early March.  

Several polar bears and foxes have been sighted around town in early spring.

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